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Madar IT was founded since 2001 specializing in the latest technological solutions and services. Madar IT has an expert team of developers based in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. It aims to provide clients with prompt and professional service to suit individual company requirements using the latest “state of the art” technology. With expertise in many technologies, madar provides a range of products and solutions fields that includes software and networking solutions,e-banking, e-hosting, hotel management system, web designing, barcode and professional services. These are specialized products and services related to telecommunications and network test solutions.

Madar IT believes in team work and individual career growth. It is a good impression that makes a work pleasure and it is the basis of professionalism. We commit ourselves to deliver a better environment to the future generation using the latest trends of technology nowadays.

Madar IT spend quality time to gather more information and techniques so as to enhance our capability as the source of knowledge to our clients, which allow them to invest their trust to us and that would make us not to waste a single effort just to reach the desired requirements of the clients.

Madar IT products includes a range solutions and services that covers technology based which helps reduce instruments downtime and increase productivity while maintaining performance specifications. We provide focused support for all customers claims and experience the unmatched technical expertise, in-depth problem solving and complete issue in tracking on the complains in relation to the companies featured products.

Madar IT has a wide spectrum of services which can be tailored to suit specific requirements to accelerate the product time to market, reduce the cost of technical systems, and ensure solutions to be deployed correctly.

This means that we can deliver a high quality of service and support for our valued customer's satisfaction.